About Me

Hey Guys! Im Melanie! Welcome to my site! Recently taken over from Yasmin :) Before you go any further on my panty selling site im going to tell you a little about myself ;)

I'm a 22 year old attractive brunette (soon to be back blonde!) ;) and I live in the North East. I have bright blue eyes and I'm a slim size 10. I love music, going out with my friends on naughty nights out :P never know what i might get up to :P I'm friendly and approachable, so don't feel like you can't talk to me :) Ask me anything… I dare ya… ;)

You're probably wondering why and how I got into selling my used panties, right…? Well I used to sell on eBay… One day I listed some bras that I had that didn't fit properly and that were a little worn out… When I checked my eBay a couple of days later I had some messages from alot of horny individuals, asking If I could wear the bras before sending, and also if they could maybe have a pair of my worn panties too! I was so turned on from the thought of the idea, the naughtyness… and that people wanted to buy my used underwear that I had to go have a little play in my panties! :P

Those panties went to the first lucky customer sealed in a polythene bag and wrapped up with a little suprise inside… And that was the start to my horny and highly secret naughty satisfaction… :P

I absolutely love sending my wet sticky panties and I get really horny finding out what happened to them after you have received them :P I love doing this as I never know what request I might get next! I'm horny all the time so this is such a turn on for me :P

Outside of my naughty little world of pleasing people with my hot sticky panties and other delights :P I work in sales, a pretty boring mundane job, so that's why I love coming home and being able to release all my stress and log on.. :P As you can imagine, being in a small office with a few people, it can ge quite hot, so at the end of the day, as you can probably guess, they would be to a panty sniffers perfection :P

Anyways… :) I'm always up for chatting, so email Mel_chat@mywornpanties.co.uk drop me an email, I don't bite :P Maybe I could help you with your choice? ;)

Look forward to chatting…